5 Signs You Need New Windows

Although many Andover homeowners do not want to update their home unless there is reason, sometimes delays cause more trouble than you originally started with. It is imperative to understand when you need new windows and speak to a professional company offering window replacement Andover as soon as possible. Delaying window replacement is a decision that can be costly in many ways. Here are five signs that you need new windows.

1- Cold Air

If you feel cold air around the windows, there are leaks around them and it is safe to say that the time for replacement has arrived. You are losing energy and efficiency if this situation occurs.

2- Age

window replacement Andover

How old are the windows in your home? Although windows are designed to have a long lifetime, there comes a time when the windows no longer function properly and need replacing. Consider the age of the windows when determining if it is time to replace.

3- Cracks

Are your windows cracked? Cracks will only worsen if they’re not repaired and for the time being, they’re allowing hot and cold air to come inside and outside of the property. You need to replace the windows if there are cracks.

4- Selling the Home

When selling a home, many minor improvements cause significant increase in the value of the property. This is more money in your pockets. When selling your home, be sure to consider replacing the windows.

5- Hard to Open/Close

Are your windows hard to open or close? Does it sound as if the entire house is falling down when you open the windows? If so, this is a clear indication the need for new windows has come.

Listen to these indicators that you need new windows and make sure that you replace them when the time comes.