Decoration Tips

A good decoration should contain two principles: order and functionality. An effective organization not only looks good, it allows us to be comfortable in our home and makes our tasks easier.

One of the maxims to follow is simplicity

A baroque or complex resource can never be pragmatic. So remember the first tip is: start with simple solutions that are logical. You can still include fun aspects like custom ceramic tiles while remaining simple.

Free space

The environments must be clean. For this you can eliminate doors or bulky furniture. Pure lines, slender, flat and mobile forms. You will save in space if the doors are smooth, sliding or folding or directly dispensing with them. The optical effect will improve if the pulls are removed from the drawers or if you clear the floor.

Cabinets and shelves taking advantage of any corner

To have everything neat, store and store everything in cabinets and shelves. In these the rigor can come in the form of a multitude of drawers, large, specialized compartments or with dividers.

Stackable containers

Another of the most common choices is to use cans and boxes to store. If you choose beautiful containers, they can be placed directly on the floor or placed on the countertop. There are of all possible styles and one of the best ideas is that they are stackable

custom ceramic tiles

Compact and functional

The appliances, furniture and other elements must be multi-functional, that bring together several applications, so you will need less. They also tend to enjoy beautiful designs and really do not have to be expensive.

Hidden drawers

Many furniture allows you to add drawers, either in their own structure or because they are designed to be slender or to hang ‘in the air’, allowing other organizers to be placed over or underneath.

Minimalist washbasins, islands in the kitchens, bedroom couches, trundle beds or holes that are hidden in some innovative models are useful in this regard.